From: <linda@>
Subject: Become and Objectivist in 10 easy steps
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 16:29:05 -0700

Hello Andrej,
I recently came across your article while doing some web browsing. Very well
Are you familiar with Quent Cordair Fine Art?  We are one
of the world's finest Romantic Realist  art galleries. If Ayn Rand were
alive today, I am certain that she would approve of our offering of the
finiest in Contemporary Romantic Realism.
I hope that you will enjoy the art as much as we do and if you ever make it
to the San Francisco bay area that you will stop by the physical gallery and
enjoy the art in person.
All the best,
Linda Zimmerman

My response:

Dear Linda,

thank you very much for drawing my attention to your excellent art
collection. I will definitely let my readers know about your web site.

I liked the paintings so much that I wanted to buy some. However, your
web interface did not let me ship things to Slovenia, where I
currently live. Is this so because Slovenia used to be part of the
Soviet Union? If so, I congratulate you on your sticking to higher
moral principles and refusing to do business with countries of
questionable history who have not been willing to let go of the old
communist ideas. I was in a somewhat similar position last month when
the Slovene Ministry of Finance asked me to deliver a series of
lectures on the influence of Objectivism on the US Federal Reserve. As
soon as it became clear that more than half of them were former
commies, I refused.


Andrej Bauer,
the only Objectivist in Slovenia

From: J <>
Subject: More More More
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 09:37:19 -0400 (EDT)

The more of your page I keep reading, the more I am happy with what I
read. I was curious are you available via IRC or ICQ for a more real time

Inspire me!

"Life is good, more life is better." -William Wyatt (Referencing cryogenics)

My response:

> The more of your page I keep reading, the more I am happy with what I
> read. I was curious are you available via IRC or ICQ for a more real time
> conversation?

Dear Jasmine,

I am glad you liked my web page about Objectivism. Every day, I get
several e-mail messages like yours. It is clear that Objectivism has won
on the Internet, which is not surprising since Internet qua Internet is
the medium of pure information, and information is the fuel of reason,
if you will allow me to express myself poetically.

The reason why I decided to reply to you is that I have looked at your
web pages and discovered that you are associated with one Jeffrey Blatt.
I was shocked to find that a true Objectivist like yourself would think
of sharing a domain name with a person who is so blatantly mistaken
about Objectivism. His childish and unprofessional ramblings about why
he is not an Objectivst are immoral and must go.

I am writing to you in the hope to convince you that you secretly delete
Jeffrey's page. In return, I could talk to some people at Ayn Rand
Institute and convince them to show you their private "Aynime"
collection. It's a series of anime art illustrations by Katsuhiro
Otomo that were made during Ayn Rand's series of lectures at Gainax
headquarters in Japan, while she was still alive.


Andrej Bauer

P.S. What are these IRC and IRQ you are talking about?

From: āV <>
Subject: broke link
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 00:20:06 -0000

Objectivity is important but emotional logic is also important to maintain balance. 
I have known people who devoted themselves completely to one style or another
and they know nothing when compared to someone with both. Never forget 
the equal and opposite.

My response:

>Objectivity is important but emotional logic is also important to
>maintain balance.  I have known people who devoted themselves
>completely to one style or another and they know nothing when compared
>to someone with both. Never forget  the equal and opposite.  
I see you have had a glance at my Objectivism page. From your
remarks it is clear that you have not grasped the objective
meaning of my interactive internet Objectivist exposition.
In fact, your post scriptum reveals a repressed Hegelian
view of the world ("Never forget  the equal and opposite.").
You are correct about one thing, though: you call the petty
academic positivistic philosophy "emotional", and I could not
agree more, having read a good deal of Bertrand Russell's work
on logic, and being a Ph.D. student in logic myself.

Philosophy is a matter of life and death. If you are going to make
remarks like these, I suggest you devote to it more attention than to
other subjects that your web surfing software might take you to.


From: Corey Kosak <>
Subject: your post to cmu.student.aynrand.discussion
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 03:55:00 -0500

...was so brilliant (even though they won't appreciate it), I have decided to
grant you any sexual favor you desire.

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